It’s all hands on deck here at trillfit HQ as we get ready for Sunday’s turn up... in the midst of event logistics and Thanksgiving leftovers, we’ve been streaming Erykah Badu’s new mixtape, BUT U CAINT USE MY PHONE, on & on (yes! I went for the easy pun). Recorded in Dallas, the mixtape, "makes reference to telephones and our own reliance on staying inter-connected." 

Track 11, “Hello”, featuring Andre 3000 is more delicious than the leftovers of my mom’s sweet potato souffle (the pecan pie went so fast, I couldn’t even get myself a slice) - New York Magazine’s Vulture calls it a dream come true (it is). Do your future self a favor and download it immediately.

“It’s important to me / that you know you are free / cuz I never want to make you change / for me, babe....”

For the history on their relationship, peep this Fader timeline. To stay inter-connected with your trillfit fam this Sunday, $20 tickets avail until midnight! 

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