What a time to be alive. Looking back on the past four months, I’m in awe at all that we were able to accomplish. 2015 was an incredible start to our TRILLFIT movement. 7 Acclaimed instructors. 4 sold-out events. 3 different venues. 1 DJ. 200 Attendees. We were profiled by Boston Magazine and some of the best blogs in the city. We were accepted into Future Boston’s start-up accelerator program. And all of that happened because you believed in us and in what we’re trying to build. Thank you. I can never say that enough. As we celebrate our wins of 2015 and get started on 2016, here are some resolutions from our squad to yours. 

Allison Daroie, Yoga Instructor and founder of Paridaez: Dick Van Dyke turned 90 this year. When asked his advice on staying young he responded, just "keep moving." My Resolutions: 1. To move my body everyday. 2. To drink a glass of water before every meal. 3. Work smarter rather than harder. 

Lydia Ermilio, Cycologist at Cyc Fitness: My resolution is to re-connect with people. This year was crazy for me and I was bad at communication! I want to be more social and make sure to keep in touch with the friends and family that mean the most to me.

Meagan Fitzgerald, Pilates Instructor at Equinox, Asana Charlestown, and Founder of Thrive Wellness and Pilates with Meagan: My resolutions are to...cut the clutter and get organized! I’m clearing space in life, my brain, PLUS space in my closet. Next, meditate! This will help keep me focused and goal oriented. With a baby on the way, I’m not sure how easy it’ll be but that’s when I’ll need it the most.

Daena Jeanne, co-Founder Unnamed Run Crew, Nike Run Club: My New Year’s resolution is to look at things more positively. Also, eat more greens. But that’s been a resolution every year for as long as I can remember now.

Kate Prince, Director of Brand Strategy at Cocomama: Start with three minutes and work up to 10 full minutes of mindfulness meditation every day.

Sara Gragnolati, founder at Cocomama: Learn how to use essential oils for supporting health and try one new recipe every week.

Heather C. White, founder of TRILLFIT: Write more. Continue my fitness journey. Take the GMAT. Finish the half-read books on my shelf and continue to read new ones. Evolve TRILLFIT’s programming and host even more events. Travel to new places. Call my Mom more. Find joy in all that I do. 

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