Welcome to the warm-up, a bi-monthly trillfit feature where we chop it up with our favorite fitness instructors about their teaching styles, favorite rappers, favorite cheat meals and (way) more. 

Eliza Shirazi is a cardio queen. When she's not turning it all the way up at Equinox and The Club by George Foreman III, she's hosting Kickathons for urban causes close to her heart and growing her #FEMPIRE brick by brick. Here, she sheds light on her feisty training style, drops her top five (shouts out to Chris Rock - I actually really liked that movie), and spills her fit celeb crush. - Heather 

Name: Eliza Shirazi

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Specialty: Empowering women to feel badass, whether they are kickin’ it with me in the studio or kickin’ it with their friends at a bar. #FEMPIRE

How did you get into teaching? It was a total accident. I danced for years and when I got to college I took a group fitness class and ‘met’ with the group fitness manager to talk about teaching. Little did I know that I had to audition on the spot, so I made up a cardio kickboxing routine and named it Kick It By Eliza, ha!

Rap lyric that best describes you: I asked my roomie, Niki, what she thinks best describes me. She said, and I quote, “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot.”

Top Five:

  1. Lauryn Hill
  2. Missy Elliott
  3. Jeremih
  4. Pharrell
  5. Jay Z

Describe your training style: Fierce-funky-fresh …is that a word?

Most impactful workout move we can do at home: Weightless arm series I do every Kick It class. Perfect to do at home.

What’s in your gym bag: My LIFE, ha! Between working full time at Brigham and Women’s and teaching/owning my own business, Kick It, I practically live out of a bag.

  • Make Up
  • Makeup remover
  • Water bottle
  • Head phones
  • Perfume
  • Tampons
  • Heels
  • High Wasted jeans
  • Blazer
  • New Balance sneakers
  • Clothes from the gym this morning
  • Everybody Fights hand wraps
  • Lots of hair spray
  • Hairbrush (even though there is zero chance I am brushing through my curls)

Best cheat meal: Crema grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries from Crema Café

Your trill motto for the masses: MOVE WITH PURPOSE

- Lightning Round -

8AM or 8PM: 8PM

Drake or The Weeknd: The Weekend

Biggie or Pac: Biggie

Nas or Jay Z: Jay Z

Go-to fitness fashion brand: Material Girl

Best workout ever: Kick It By Eliza … I actually believe that.

Gym or Outdoors: Gym

Makeup in class: yay or nay.. If I am teaching a crack of ass class, nah, I don’t have time, but if I am doing an event, yeah, I will glam it up a little!

Your fit celeb crush: Anna Kaiser

Song you can’t stop listening to: C O O L- DJ Sliink Remix- LE YOUTH

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