Welcome to the warm-up, a bi-monthly trillfit feature where we chop it up with our favorite fitness instructors about their teaching styles, favorite rappers, favorite cheat meals and (way) more. 

Meagan Fitzgerald is our OG Pilates instructor for a reason. She’s a real hip-hop head (she worked at Power 105 for a while - check out a #TBT of her mixtape collection here) and her sequences tighten, tone, and always leave us feeling accomplished after we’ve pushed ourselves to the next level. The best part? Her instruction style is equal parts encouraging and comedic so even when our legs are burning like crazy, there’s still a smile on our faces. When she’s not leading TRILL Pilates sessions with us, she’s kicking it at Equinox and Asana Charlestown. Peep her schedule here.

Name: Meagan Fitzgerald

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Specialty: Pilates and Barre

Rap lyric that best describes you: “For me giving up is way harder than trying” - Kanye West 

Describe your training style: Motivational tough love. I am honest with my class and clients but show them so much love. Each person is at a different level and I want them to take care of their body and mind but at the same time be honest with excuses. My goal is to motivate and empower each person in my class. I want them to walk out feeling stronger mentally and physically!   

How did you get into teaching: I grew up as a dancer 1st, plus cheerleader and soccer player then became obsessed with working out.  Working out for hours while eating the wrong foods led to me being chubby and unhappy with my body. After many years with a personal trainer and HIIT workouts I found Pilates and my body completely changed. I took it back to my dancing roots where I felt my best.  I felt so inspired by everything I learned I needed to share it and help other people find the strength and confidence I found.  My Pilates training was 500 hours (plus many hours of Barre certifications) and started teaching right away in addition to my full time job in media sales. I was super motivated to make this my full time gig so I taught every night after work plus Saturday and Sunday.  Here I am a full time teacher for over a year and couldn’t be happier!

Top Five (hip-hop/r&b artists): BEYONCE, Pharrell, Kanye West, Jay Z, Missy Elliot

Most impactful workout move we can do at home: More than 1 move but I’d say the Pilates ab series of 5.  When done properly this sequence is super challenging and works all ab muscles while stabilizing your “power house” and lengthening muscles.

What’s in your gym bag: Headphones, face cleansing wipes, sneakers, extra hair ties, Beautycounter Everyday Moisturizer, Aquaphor and grippy socks in case I can catch a barre class last minute.

Best cheat meal: Long...annoying answer: I really don’t like the concept of a “cheat meal” this leads to food guilt which contributes to the vicious cycle of yoyo dieting.  I say eat according to your goals. BUT if I’m going to stray off my normal healthy eating I’m going for french fries or apple pie...after all, fries are potatoes which are a veggie and apples are super nutritious ;)

Your trill motto for the masses: You’re stronger than you think you are!!!

Lightning Round -

8AM or 8PM: 8PM for sure.

Drake or The Weeknd: SO tough. Drake

Biggie or Pac: Biggie

Nas or Jay Z: Jay Z

Go-to fitness fashion brand: Onzie or Beyond Yoga

Best workout ever: Pilates! Reformer or mat. Hits every muscle and is SO challenging

Gym or Outdoors: Gym/classes

Makeup in class - yay or nay: YAY but prepare to sweat it off

Your fit celeb crush: Jennifer Lopez

Song you can’t stop listening to: “WTF” Missy Elliott is currently on repeat

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