Keep it Trill While You Travel

You’re a hustler. You wake up early, (ok, maybe after one or four clicks of the snooze button,) go to work, eat your veggies, exercise, and prepare to do it all again the next day – all while managing to maintain a (mostly) pleasant disposition. That’s why when you finally take that well-deserved vacation, you get a free pass to throw all that out the window, right? Sleeping until noon, kicking back margaritas with reckless abandon, and vegging by the pool with your shades on in an unspoken message of “Do Not Disturb” is exactly what you need – and deserve!

However, being sedentary for a week or more’s time can actually make it harder to assimilate back in to “Real Life” post vacation. The good news is that there are ways to get a work out in without killing those Rihanna in Barbados, vacation vibes one bit.


1)    Explore

You’ll find that you’ll absorb more of a new place when you’re on the move, and moving in ways and to places you wouldn’t ordinarily. See a staircase or a winding, palm-tree shaded path? Climb, run, skip, or dance your way to the end of it! You might just come across a breathtaking view or a gem of a backdrop for that fire Instagram selfie. ;) 

2)    Assimilate

Treat exercise as part of the culture that you want to learn as much about as possible. Make use of those high school Spanish skills and find out what people there do to stay fit. (Bonus points if you squad up and get sweaty with the locals. ) You’ll leave feeling inspired and maybe with that cute Mexican yogi’s Facebook info.

3)    Get creative.

Use a low-hanging tree branch as pull up bar; a stray coconut as a medicine ball. Keep your eyes open for ways Mother Nature acts as her own gym. Running in sand, for example, provides natural resistance training and burns way more calories than that primitive hotel treadmill!


But we get it. Not everyone is the Dora the Explorer type. In that case, there a plenty of ways to get your tone on with little to no equipment right from your hotel or Airbnb. Pro-tip: Pack a resistance band. We’ve linked a list of full-body exercises you can do from literally anywhere here.

Tulum, MX

Tulum, MX

Zorela Georgescu