National Best Friends Week: Dana & Nancy

Since nothing brings people closer together than sweat and hip hop, we decided to turn National Best Friends Day into National Best Friends Week.

Today’s we’re showcasing another dynamic Trill pair: Dana & Nancy, who are always down to sweat it out together.

dana and nancy.jpg

How long have you been friends?

Two and a half years

How did you meet?

At work

What’s your favorite work out or class to do together?

Trillfit Dance with Me

What is your favorite memory together?

Dana: It’s a tie between Nancy and I trying to perfect our twerking at the work gym before our next class with Mel or all of Thanksgiving 2017  - we played Heads up with my brother squawking like a bird.

What song best describes your friendship?

Mi Gente w/ Beyonce

What is the best piece of advice you have received from each other?

Keep it trill.

Keep it trill.


There you have it: Keep it Trill and the rest will come. 


Celebrate National Best Friends Week with Trillfit by coming in with your best friend and getting down with our fam. Also be sure to check us out on Instagram ( and tag you bff here for the chance to win a free one year founding membership! 

Natalie Novak