Add Some PRIDE To Your Gym Bag

TRILLFIT was founded on the premise of diversity and inclusion, which means that we believe that anybody, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation should be able to sweat it out, enjoy themselves, and live their lives with pride - period. Healthy living begins from within, after all. More than anything, we believe everyone should live life to the fullest and have the right to be their most honest self.  That's why PRIDE is so important to us – no one should ever have to sacrifice their personal happiness and hide their true identity for the sake of others. 

In Boston, there are so many events and opportunities throughout the year (not just June) to raise awareness and get involved in the LGBTQ+ community. Looking to add some Pride swag to your gym bag? We've got your ultimate athleisure round-up after the jump from our favorite tried and true brands to brand-new start-ups leading the charge.


Adidas Pride Pack is made up of 92 items, ranging from sneakers to swim shorts. Some of its most stand out items consist of these retro pastel sneakers and their classic trefoil tank with a rainbow twist.

On their company blog, they write: "adidas calls all creators to reinvent their place in history by continuing the support of LGBT equality," with new products rolling out all throughout Pride Month. 

The Pride Pack is perfect if you’re looking to celebrate with a more toned down color pallet. (Prices range from $20-$180).


Another giant in the athletic wear industry, Nike is celebrating pride with their BETRUE collection. While limited in items, the brand still packs a punch by adding a rainbow spin to Nike staples like these mesh socks and essential "swoosh" hat.

As stated on their website, BETRUE was created to "celebrate the passion & pursuit of sport by all athletes."

These pride accessories let you add a little bit of rainbow to your gym bag, all while retaining that sleek, Nike look. (Prices range from $18-$150). 


Calvin Klein recently introduced the Pride Capsule, along with a donation to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Its items such as this logo tank and on-trend sports bra feature classic styles in limited edition rainbow colors.

On Twitter, the brand advocates that everyone should "wear [their calvins] with pride" and that their products are receiving a "pride-worthy makeover." 

 These new colors are a fun way to add a little bit of pride to your lounge and athletic wear collections. (Prices range from $20-$34.50).


Target started up the hashtag #takepride as part of their PRIDE collection. This collection not only includes pride themed clothing, accessories, and party supplies, but also top picks from the Pride crew at Target, including this gym tote with a removable pouch and some buttons to adorn it with.

On their website, Target says: "We’re here to celebrate with the vibrant members of the LGBTQ+ community. The poets. The artists. The dancers. Those who describe themselves as fierce, thoughtful, loving and fabulous. Those who take pride in simply being themselves."

Target never fails to disappoint; whether you want to wear your colors to the gym or float around your pool. (Prices range from $1.99-$29.99).


Both lesbian owned and operated, this startup features non-gendered clothing, with an emphasis on size inclusion. "Stride with pride" in these eccentric socks and slogan tank.

TOMBOYX explains that they have an agenda: The Human Agenda: "Because what's more human than being exactly, brazenly, no appologies who you were born to be?"

 This pride, you can show support for LGBTQ+ startups as easily as taking a sports bra from the gym to the parade! (Prices range from $16.50-$35). 


Natalie Novak