How to Change your Beauty Routine for Summer

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The Summer Solstice occurred last Thursday (June 21st), meaning that summer has officially begun! We’ve dug up our shorts, amazon-primed our stand up fans, and planned endless weekend trips to Newport and the Cape. And perhaps, most importantly, we can finally get that summer glow we’ve been daydreaming about for months.

However, in all this excitement, we tend to glance over a very important routine that needs a bit of an adjustment in the warmer months. You already know what I’m about to say: your skincare routine.

As the air gets drier and the sun gets hotter, your heavy winter creams won’t deliver what your skin needs. And don’t get me started on sunscreen. Luckily, we’ve created a simple guide on how to adapt your beauty routine for the Summer.


1. Switch up your moisturizer

There’s no denying it: with Summer comes sweat. Whether you’re going on a morning jog or decided to walk to work today, the oil build up is for real. Those heavy moisturizers that kept your skin from breaking in the winter months are only going to do more damage than good, but skipping the moisturizer altogether isn’t the move either. You’re going to need some serious hydration that doesn’t involve a pore-clogging blanket of cream.

This is where your new best friend comes in: gel moisturizer. It’s ultra-light to the point where you forget you’re wearing anything at all and is the perfect way to hydrate your skin without fear of adding more fuel to the fire regarding summer breakouts.

This one by Kiehl’s has a cooling effect and is formulated to help skin retain moisture for 24 hours  

Or, you can add Clinique’s travel size moisturizer to your gym bag for post gym shine control.


2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen

Does this one even need explaining anymore? I think we all know the type of havoc those UV rays can wreak on your skin (skin cancer and premature aging, just to get the ball rolling). And while I understand that the last thing you need is yet another step in your morning beauty routine, it doesn’t have to be that bad. These days, getting some extra SPF on your face is as easy as throwing on some tinted moisturizer. You get to moisturize, add a little color, and protect your skin from sun damage. What’s not to love?

Check out Laura Mercier’s cult classic that comes in 15 tints and provides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 protection against both UVB and UVA rays.

As for those days by the beach, use Neutrogena’s Break-Out Free sunscreen for face sunscreen that doesn’t clog your pores.



3. Ditch the melt

If you’ve ever tried to get ready for a night out in a cramped bathroom with three other girls and no air conditioning, you’ve probably seen your face melt off of your own face right before your very eyes. It might be the most disheartening feeling IF you don’t have the right tools to your advantage. Luckily, that’s what we have primer for.

Aside from those pesky UV rays, I would argue that shine is the ultimate Summer enemy. No matter where you go, it follows. That’s why it’s important to find the right primer and buy it in bulk-- because I promise you, once you prime with anti-shine, you never go back.

Make-Up Forever’s Skin Equalizer comes in two sizes and three finishes (natural, matte, and radiant), making it easy to find the right combination for what your skin needs.

If you’re like me and can’t handle too much choice, check out Soap & Glory’s blotting primer, that absorbs oil and minimizes pores.


4. A little spritz never hurt anybody

We get it-- sometimes, you just need a little refresher between work and the gym or the beach and your post-beach nap. And we’re not talking about the fun, summery cocktail.

Every now and then, your skin gets tired and needs an extra push to keep it looking its best. That’s where hydrating mists come in. While some are total bogus (and are quite literally just water in a spray bottle), others do serve a purpose and can quickly get your skin what it needs.  

If you’re looking to hydrate and soften, Herbivore has a Rose Hibiscus and Coconut Water face mist that’ll do exactly that.

Or maybe you need a quick pick me up between meetings. AmorePacific’s Hydration Delivery System can be used under or over make up for an instant radiance boost. It also claims to protect against daily environmental aggressors like pollution and has long-term antiaging benefits.

If you forgot to put on sunscreen (tsk tsk) or just have sensitive skin, try Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray, infused with soothing aloe, cucumber, and green tea to tackle irritated and redness-prone skin.  


5. Drink Water

But you already knew this one :)

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Natalie Novak