Fall Beginnings

“The trees do not cling to their leaves. Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the new.”

#HotGirlSummer was sure one for the books Queens! But with September 23rd marking the start of Fall, this new season kindly reminds us that the summer heat slowly turns into cooler crisp air, that our wardrobe goes from sundresses to sweats and the 100 day countdown begins until the start of the new year. New seasons always bring about new beginnings. A new start. So why wait for the new year when you can to begin to intentionally create a new you today. This time , this moment, right now presents to you a wonderful opportunity to shed old habits and make way for growth, development, healing, ease and abundance. As the leaves begin to change colors and gently fall to the ground, now is the time to start your process of reflecting within yourself.

Go ahead and grab a sheet of paper. Take a deep inhale in through your nose and fill up your chest with air and slowly let your breath out through your mouth. Close your eyes and take a moment to visualize that trill, phenomenal, authentic and bad-ass individual you are. Start by asking yourself: “Where am I now?” ,”Where do I want to be?” and “How can I get from where I am to where I want to be?”. What can you begin to gently release and let go of? What are habits, people or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you? Take the time and write down all that comes to mind. Understand that from here, you are ready to intentionally create your future and your life. Embrace where you are now and take a deep breath and smile knowing that you are saying hello to new and better opportunities. You have what it takes to make the last part of the year count Queens! 

Cindy Ecclesiastre