National Best Friends Week: Dana & Nancy

Since nothing brings people closer together than sweat and hip hop, we decided to turn National Best Friends Day into National Best Friends Week.

Today’s we’re showcasing another dynamic Trill pair: Dana & Nancy, who are always down to sweat it out together.

dana and nancy.jpg

How long have you been friends?

Two and a half years

How did you meet?

At work

What’s your favorite work out or class to do together?

Trillfit Dance with Me

What is your favorite memory together?

Dana: It’s a tie between Nancy and I trying to perfect our twerking at the work gym before our next class with Mel or all of Thanksgiving 2017  - we played Heads up with my brother squawking like a bird.

What song best describes your friendship?

Mi Gente w/ Beyonce

What is the best piece of advice you have received from each other?

Keep it trill.

Keep it trill.


There you have it: Keep it Trill and the rest will come. 


Celebrate National Best Friends Week with Trillfit by coming in with your best friend and getting down with our fam. Also be sure to check us out on Instagram ( and tag you bff here for the chance to win a free one year founding membership! 

Natalie Novak
National Best Friends Week: Chaloea & Melanie

They say if you’ve been friends for at least seven years, chances are, you’re in it for the long haul.

In honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8), we’re highlighting an ultimate Trill duo: Chaloea & Melanie. These badass females show that friendship and a healthy lifestyle not only go hand in hand but might be the key to a long-lasting friendship.

Chaloae and Melanie.jpg

How did you meet?

Chaloea: We met at an orientation for law students of color at BU Law. I immediately knew I wanted to be Mel’s friend. Her positive energy was infectious and filled the room; she was incredibly on point regarding the law’s impact on society, and, of course, her fashion sense was GOALS. However, it wasn’t until an incredible lunch in the BU cafe that I realized she was going to be one of my best friends.

Mel: The feeling was totally mutually (re: Chaloea’s positive energy/legal knowledge/fashion sense, etc.) and I remember trying to figure out how to initiate a friendship. Finally one of us got the courage to ask the other to lunch, and I remember just feeling like I found one of my forever friends. We’ve been tight ever since that epic lunch. 

What’s your favorite work out or class to do together?

We have been working out together since law school; it’s how we survived studying for the bar exam. But finding TrillFit was a game changer. We LIVE for all things Melissa and the cardio grind she serves up on Thursdays and Sunday morning.

What is your favorite memory together?

We are lucky to have so many amazing memories together.

Chaloea: This is a really hard one, but the top five has to include shopping for Mel’s wedding dress at an incredible woman of color owned and body positive boutique in Brooklyn, where Mel was surrounded by her closet friends (who are all deep beasts in their own right), her lovely and superhero cousin Jillian, and her Aunt Mimi who brought so much love and light. When Mel walked out in “THE DRESS,” which was coincidentally also called Mimi, everyone in the room had a moment. Mel gives so much of her time and loves uplifting others, so it was beautiful to have the opportunity to return even a little of that love on the most special of occasions.

Mel: That is obviously one of my favorite memories; Chaloea has been an amazing friend (more like a sister) and was a wonderful bridesmaid. One of my random favorite memories was one night during the summer of our 2L year of law school, Chaloea and I went out just the two of us. We ended up stumbling on this free party at the Liberty Hotel and just kind of let the night take us where it would. Law school was a stressful time, but whenever Chaloea and I got together, that stress just dissipated.

Her positive energy was infectious and filled the room

What song best describes your friendship?

Super tough. Anything Beyoncé but Who Run the World and Schoolin’ Life are up there.

What is the best piece of advice you have received from each other?

Chaloea: Mel consistently reminds me to believe in myself and to always remember that I am worthy and nothing or no one can take that from me. That advice has come back to me on several occasions along my journey, and I’m better for it.

Mel: Chaloea is my go-to person for reminders that I can handle anything thrown at me. I remember when we were interviewing for jobs during law school I was feeling a little overwhelmed and Chaloea gave me some interview tips that I still share with my mentees. Chaloea is one of those people who wants the people around her to be great, so I know I can count on her for guidance on how to be my best self, from something as big as an interview to as small as advice on what nail color I should pick for an upcoming event. 


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Natalie Novak
Everything You Need to Know About the TRILLFIT Founding Membership

It's here. It's lit. Leggo. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a Founding Member at TRILLFIT's brand-new flagship studio.

What it is: As TRILLFIT's flagship studio is being built, we're offering the TRILLFIT VIP Membership at a "Founding Member" rate. For a limited time only, as a reward to early birds, TRILLFIT will offer the illest VIP perks for a one-time low rate. 

Membership-email (1).jpg

The Perks:

- Unlimited Monthly Classes
- Special First Month Rate*
- Free Workshops
- Exclusive 15% Off Retail Discount
- Buddy Pass
- Free Birthday Class
- Discounted Birthday Hair Service
- Complimentary Health Coach Consult
- Complimentary Towel Service

The Nitty Gritty: The payment schedule for Founding Members are as follows.

  • Reservation Fee ($100, paid in advance of Flagship Studio opening)

  • First Month (FREE, the month that Flagship Studio opens)

  • Second Month - 12th Month ($120/Month automatic recurring payments in the following months)

Your Founding Membership will need to be renewed after 12 months, however you will keep your TRILLFIT Founding Membership rate forever. Founding members are able to freeze their memberships at any time by calling the TRILLFIT studio*. View the full Terms & Conditions hereLimited number of Founding Memberships available. *Membership freeze subject to monthly maintenance fee.

Ok cool, tell us more about the Flagship Studio: The TRILLFIT Flagship studio is a 2,200 sq ft wellness space in the heart of Mission Hill that includes a chic fitness studio, reception lounge, juice bar, and full-service hair salon by Vanity Loft. Coming soon!




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